Towards simplicity 

IMG_0404I first stumbled upon the word ‘ minimalism ‘ when I googled for ‘happiness’ about a couple of years ago. Well, I didn’t find happiness straight away.  I read quite a bit about minimalism . Joshua and Ryan from form my biggest inspiration. I looked around, it was like my eyes had just opened after a long time and I could see piles and piles of landfill around me. I need space to breath.  I need to clear the path. Yes, that’s what I need to do first–DECLUTTERING. I have started rather slowly. It is only in the last few months that I have picked up some momentum and getting down to business.

I would rather not use the word minimalism. That sounds extreme. I know I can never be like Joshua and Ryan. I believe that minimalism is a journey , a lifestyle practice, a tool that helps you weed through the clutter of life and finally  get you to see more clearly of what really matters in life. Minimalism is not about not consuming but consuming with conscious intention, it is not about frugal living but about consuming responsibly within your means. Minimalism can look different for everyone, what is important in life is different for everyone. It is about finding what is essential for you,  what is truly of value to you and what brings joy.

Deep down my heart, I know I will find joy in this journey towards simplicity.


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