Simplifying Wardrobe


“Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” – Epictetus

Before embracing this journey,  I used to have so many… so many… clothes. Some clothes were just tumbling down the moment I opened the closet. I literally had to push back my clothes before quickly close the closet door. I had clothes with price tag on them. I had clothes which were just not right for me and  I would never wear them . Gorgeous pieces that would only look nice on that tall and slim mannequin. I bought clothes hoping that one day I would be able to fit myself in them once I loose all that post baby fat…
Every morning is such a daunting task deciding what to wear, and looking for that particular piece burying my head scrambling through the pile of clothes in the dark space at the back of the closet only to pull out clothes with sleeves entwined together. How could I live like this all these years.?! This needs to change. I need to clear out my closet for good. With willpower and hope, putting guilt and frustrations aside. Lets begin the journey with decluttering the closet first….
ElfaDecorBirchWhiteLowCost_x-56a703a15f9b58b7d0e60ba4Know your style!
To simplify your wardrobe, you must first know your style. So you know what to remove from your closet. If you do not know what your style is , that’s ok. Just look at your closet and see what is the colour of most of your clothes. Choose your 2 primary colours. These can be the neutral colours, most popular would be black, white, brown tones, navy… And one or 2 more secondary colours, your favourite colours, green,yellow , purple, pink… If you want variations, different shades of the same colour would go together as one.
I would only buy garments if they suit my colour scheme in the wardrobe.
Pattern– do you like geometric, floral or perhaps stripes. This does not really matter as long as you get the colour scheme right.
Dress code– what do you wear most would depend on what do you do for most of the days. If you are working in the office and wear formal clothes most of the time then you need more of those formal tops and bottoms. Or if you are a student  and always wear T-shirts and jeans, then maybe you do not need many of those dresses you hardly wear.
How many clothes do you need?
Of course this is a general list to get you started. This greatly depends on what you do and how often do you do your laundry. Remind your conscious self that whatever you keep you are going to love  and wear every piece of them.
8-10 work/dressy outfits
5-7 casual outfits
2-3 outfits for relaxing at home
2-3 pyjamas.
2-3 sports attire
3-4 pairs work shoes (depends on your work. Only 2 if you wear tennis shoes or similar shoes to work)
1 pair casual shoes/slippers.
1 pair sports shoes
10 sets of undergarments.  It is more than enough if you wash twice a week.
There are other stuffs that that I have not mentioned here like bags, belts, ties , socks….etc. You will figure that out when you get the momentum going.
Other tips
  • clothes that are worn out
  • clothes that are too big or too tight.
  • clothes that are not your style, will never wear, not your colour
  • Clothes that your will wear ‘someday’. Get rid of them now. When that someday has finally arrived, it is not too late to get something perfect that you will absolutely love.
Get a bag, put all the clothes that fit any one of the above in the bag. Purge purge purge…
Once you have an organised and tidy closet with all the clothes that you truly love. You need to maintain this closet to prevent relapse. Here are some tips:
You will only buy clothes once a year. if your are going to wear a certain garment 100x, twice a week, that piece should last you a year. If you have 10 outfits that you are going to wear on week days, you would only wear each one of them twice a month, and only 24x a year. if you are going to wear each one of them 100x, you don’t have to buy any new clothes in 4-5 years.
Yes, you don’t have to go shopping once a month.
Intentional conscious responsible  buying. If you have to buy clothes. You need to consciously ask yourself. Do I really need this? or do I just want it ? Do I have something like this already? Can it match my current wardrobe.? How often would I be wearing this? Can I postpone this buying impulse?
One in one out principle. you have somehow bought something after all careful considerations and great judgement. Something in your closet has to come out.
Now, you will have a closet with all the clothes you love. You will save time and money. By consuming less, you are doing your part conserving the mother earth too. Getting ready in the morning is now a bliss. You will no longer look into a closet full of clothes and say “I have nothing to wear” or ‘what am I going to wear”? And on one crazy morning when you are running late, you can just pull out something from the closet and be grateful that they will all go together, you will always look great and feel great too. Enjoy the results…
You may find inspiration here too:

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