The eyes will only see what the mind knows…how true…

cropped-dsc_0193.jpgAfter reading a lot about minimalism and mindful living, my apartment that I once thought very clean and very tidy is not as charming as I thought anymore. My eyes could see the tiny souvenirs from places we visited that are arranged tidily on the counter tops in the living  room. The picture frames clustered in one corner.
The piles of old letters and doucuments on the coffee table. The cushion pillows of varying colours and sizes sitting neatly on the sofas. Oh my …my nest is so cluttered. How much time had been spent cleaning and dusting through all these things and how much more precious time would be taken as long as they remain?Look around the house again, it is full of things that are bought to impress the guests. Do people really care of what I have to display? Do they really bring me joy? What would eventually happen to all these things?
It is amazing how oblivious our eyes are towards all these stuff lingering around you but you take no notice of them until someone or something lights that bulb, and then you go ah…ha…
When I open the drawers. They are just full of trinkets , broken toys, unopened stationery sets , entangled charging wires ,the old and unused electronics, dried out pens and lots and lots of stuff. Some are usable items that are not wanted. Why didn’t I see them there before? I had no name for them but now I know they are collectively called junk or ‘clutter ‘. When they are not truly junk, they are just there. Why did I keep them? They literally serve no purpose around you and yet they are there…
There is even more stuff in the kitchen. There is this bread maker which  was used only once when there was all that transient excitement when it was first bought. Why do I have so many pots and pans. How many different types of soups could one cook in a day. All those free plastic containers that come free as rewards when you gain more points from buying at the supermarkets, expired cans of food from 5 years ago… all those glasses, cups and plates…argh… All these are excessive stuff. I do not even care  they exist.
There is so much work to be done. Things need to reduce… All these things around me are so clearly suffocating. They may serve better purpose with someone or somewhere else.
Enough is enough. When there is too much of something, you don’t appreciate them, they are eventually not used and hence wasted in your hands. Looking at the same things with a new perspective. I attain new appreciation and respect for the things around me. I will use all the things I have and decide to keep. Acquire only what is required and useful. Be a responsible consumer.
I am now seeing with a mindful mind… Mind what you have…

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