…this too shall pass…

The marriage ended. Thought LOVE would conquer all. After a long time in a stagnant relationship, when steps are not taken to nurture the love. When there are no more surprises, no more challenges and no growths. Love dies. Clearly, if you don’t nurture and cherish it, love would dissipate over time without you realising it.
I was angry because I was not given a second chance.  I felt the heart break a thousand times over at the end of that relationship, endless thinking of how things could be different, forever regretting decisions that were made, fearing what future would be waiting for me and feeling the pain over and over again. How I had endured  waves of sadness and depression that I tried to hide . Those fake masks I put on everyday pretending nothing had happened. I know, I had to grief. I cried and cried and cried. I had to put myself through the torture.
It is true that time would heal. For even the worst storm would pass, don’t succumb in the storm , hang in there , when the calmness comes , the healing journey would begin. Before long , the pain was gone and the crying stopped. I have started the tiny timid steps of healing and growth.
In picking up the pieces and putting myself back together, I discover more about myself, one at a time. I have since then come out of my cocoon and discover life. I believe the path towards simplicity is the journey of life. I pursue my passion of loving nature and people around me. I find joy and gratitude in simple moments in life, I do not have to go far. I find peace and calmness through meditation and gratitude. I found the importance of keeping the body and mind healthy and beautiful through exercise, yoga and eating healthy . Happiness is truly within us. I can’t undo the past, the future is not here, all I have is now, today.  Past has passed. I am not waiting for tomorrow. I live now.
The heartbreak has turned into heart growth. The end of one road has led me to another, a better one because I now make better choices.  I no longer feel anger, guilt or sad. I cannot forget, but I guess I have forgiven both… myself and that person…. When I see that person again, I would see him with gratitude. Thank you! I have found myself.

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