“what’s in the bag?”

I have collected many handbags throughout my life. I don’t know why some women are just so crazy about bags (… I am guilty as charge). I have a lot of handbags that I don’t really use anymore. Some are just in the closet collecting dust. Some still have unforgotten stuff within them.  I  slowly give them away as presents or donate old ones away. Some of them I still hold dear and I decide to just keep them first ….until such time I can part with them.  ..yeah yeah… I know I am going towards minimalism …slowly… .
I used to lug around a heavy handbag on my shoulder , the contents of which I don’t exactly know and don’t remember. I may have a pen or many pens somewhere in there( hopefully they are not leaking), tomato ketchup packets (please don’t burst), napkins from cafes and restaurants which are already soiled and breaking up due to long standing pressure from other objects in the bag, disintergrating receipts of stuff bought years ago, few lipsticks (hope they are still properly capped), compact powder , story books, a diary , bunch of keys and  papers of all kinds, a medic kit, tiny accessories not to mention the heavier stuff like the iPad, power bank, phone charger …  etc etc. It is just so embarrassing sometimes when the male species ask “what’s in the bag?”.
I have long since decluttered my bag.  Put decluttering aside, it is really not worth carrying all that weight on the shoulder causing chronic strain and  pain of the shoulder and neck muscles. My handbag is now the keeper of only the things that serve a purpose in my daily routine.  Cash, few spare coins, 2 credit cards (soon reducing to one),  identity card ,  driving licence, one pen, one lipstick, one handphone, house key, hand sanitiser and facial tissues. The rest of the things can come in as the occasion arises.
Open the bag, I can see everything inside it and I know exactly where everything is kept. I no longer find myself scrambling through the stuff in the bag from one deepest corner to the other corner shaking the bag around in the process…and cursing “Oh, …come on….I just need  my car key…!”.  Many things that I used to carry around like the power bank, phone charger, plug, ear phones etc are now kept in a box in the car. Other things are just kept at home or office. Surprisingly, you don’t need  a box of Band-Aids, a bottle of perfume, a sewing kit, an iPad or compact powder for most days. On the rare occasions that you need any of these just in case items, they are just as available anywhere else!
One thing that I can say for sure is that it is just so not necessary for me to carry a wallet anymore. Why do we need a smaller bag in another bag? Most bags already have compartments or slots available where credit cards and identity cards can be neatly kept. There are also zipped compartments where cash and coins can be safely kept.  Some bags even have side compartments for lipstick and a handphone. Wallet is really not necessary. I have ditched the wallet. Now, I can just just take out cash or credit card directly from my bag and slip them right back in after use.
I wear a skirt and a blouse with no pockets on most days. For me, I still need something bigger than a wallet or a wristlet most of the time. I would still like my hands free and I find it so inconvenient to snug something in the crook of my armpit, limiting my arm movements. I also find it so awkward and unappealing sticking the arm out forever bent in a 90 degrees with a bag hanging on the forearm. A light small shoulder bag suits me best. I can carry my light bag on the shoulder and go about doing my business and daily chores unencumbered.
Simplify. Downsize your bag. It is not stylish carrying that superfluous bag filled with stuff.

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